The ugly truth behind the Romanian Anticorruption Fight: When some judges and DNA prosecutors trial after death: Dan Adamescu's case: 9 months without the autopsy report PART I

The Court admitted his legal fraction to apply for release on parole was fulfilled ‘’ The Court finds that in this case the condition for the execution of the fraction of the penalty imposed by the law is fulfilled’’, and continues ‘’ it is also incontestable the poor health of the applicant in the present case, which is evident from the medical records filed both in the substantive and procedural stage of the appeal’’ , instead decides to reject his release on parole as it follows: ‘’ On the other hand, however, the Court considers that the convicted person did not give a thorough proof of correction….the Court considers that the applicant’s efforts were minimal’’- referring here to the educational courses that Dan Adamescu was not able to attend precisely because of his poor health condition- and in no way can they lead to the conclusion of clear evidences of correction’’! Both friends’ and enemies’ testimonials of the torture of Dan Adamescu Dan Radu Rusanu, former chief of ASF - accused of starting the attack on Dan Adamescu’s Astra Insurance Company, he himself imprisoned on politically grounds admitted in tears the inhuman treatment of Dan Adamescu. When his son, Alexander, filed arbitration proceedings against Bucharest for the damages caused by this unlawful expropriation of the companies connected to his father, the Romanian prosecutors quickly issued an EAW for his arrest — despite the fact that he is a German citizen, legal resident in London, who has never lived in Romania.’’ And last but not least - Dan Adamescu’s Wikipedia page -, as we will continue revealing how the DNA - a Romanian Government Body fully paid from Romanian people is spending the Government’s money on the Media Battle Field in a PR campaign to annihilate its victims.

acum 60 luni (9 Oct 2017)

Dan Adamescu, the owner of the first democratic newspaper and founder of the largest Romanian insurance company suspiciously lost his life in the custody of the Romanian State on 24 January 2017.

Although the family have send no more than 5 written requests through their lawyers within 7 months, the first one send immediately after his premature death on 27 January 2017, the authorities - The National Institute of Legal Medicine denied the right of the family to receive it and passing the responsibility to the prosecutor investigating the ‘’ suspicious death of Dan Adamescu’’ Mr. Eusebiu Serbanoiu from The Bucharest Court.

Mr. Eusebiu Serbanoiu delegated two police officer from the Homicide Direction within the Romania Police for further investigations - Inspector Adrian Lazar and Sub- Commissioner in the person of Mr. Lupescu, but until this day none of the judiciaries answered or provided the family the autopsy report.

Who is responsible for Dan Adamescu’ s premature death?

Looking back, two DNA prosecutors and their Chiefs, constantly refused him the medical treatment since they targeted him in June 2014 - DNA prosecutor Danut Volintiru and his chief Claudiu Dumitrescu former head of DNA Direction II. Within less than 2 years from which 4 months spent in pretrial arrest, one year spent in house arrest and 9 months in prison, Dan Adamescu died. Court IV Bucharest: Presiding judge - Simon Raluca Oana, Court clerk - Geana Ludeanu Costiana The Public Ministry - Prosecutor’s Office under the High Court of Justice - the National Anticorruption Directorate was represented by the Prosecutor Cojocaru Daniel: The defendant of the petitioner requests his release on probation having fulfilled his legal fraction from the sentence of 4 years and 4 months of imprisonment. Ilfov Court: Presiding Judge Razvan Pastila, Court Clerk Vasi Victoria, Public Ministry - Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation a... Citeste intreg articolul pe